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Educator Dashboards for online teachers in a pan(dem)ic

You’re teaching 500+ students in Teams, with projects under way in 30+ channels. You login 9am Monday morning. Where do you put your scarce attention?

Or less extreme, you have just 45 students in Zoom meetings, 3 Teams channels, 9 Canvas forums, sharing and commenting on Powerpoint slides, viewing Kaltura videos, and responding to quizzes in Qualtrix. Where do you put your scarce attention?

Who’s struggling? Who’s cruising? Who’s off-topic? Who hasn’t shown up once yet? Who’s freeloading in their group?

The COVID-19 quantum shift online has left millions of educators “flying blind” — they may feel that their students are far less visible than ever before, and there’s no easy way to answer the basic question every educator needs answers to: How are my students doing?

But perhaps they’re not so invisible, if you know where to look. CIC’s expertise is in Learning Analytics: capturing student activity data, analysing it using state of the art techniques, and feeding this back to educators and students, to provide insights. CI

C is now working closely with teaching academics and the Business Intelligence team to bring that data together in intuitive ways, integrating activity from different parts of our learning ecosystem.

Academics are commenting on design concepts, wireframes and functioning prototypes, as we iterate towards an initial release as fast as possible, to try and relieve the pressure on them, and given them actionable insights into how their students are doing.

Watch this space for developments!…

[Image credits Tonik: https://unsplash.com/photos/hAZ3TNzQP6w & @Olloweb https://unsplash.com/photos/qfp4-Ud6Fyg]