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UTS:CIC Research Community

CIC researchers engage in a number of research and teaching community activities externally, as well as

Learning Analytics Reading Group (LARG) – Open to External Participants

Our LARG meetings will be held fortnightly on Tuesdays, lasting ~ 1.5 hours, and led by UTS:CIC PhD candidate interests. The format will typically involve:

  • Individuals selecting a paper they want to discuss/present
  • Papers should be targeted at a problem (theoretical, methodological, analytical, etc.) in their own research, or that we are trying to address
  • The “problem” might include trying to build “good academic practice” – i.e., discussion might focus on trying to improve a draft article by drawing on a model paper; identifying methodological themes or issues in a paper/set of papers; etc.

Learning Analytics Research Discussion (LARD) – By Invitation Only

Our LARD meetings will be held fortnightly on Tuesdays, lasting ~ 1.5 hours, and led by UTS:CIC Research Fellows. These sessions are informal internal CIC sessions to discuss CIC research. The format will typically involve:

  • A roughly 50/50 split between seminar and workshop elements
  • A general update on research in CIC
  • A rotating research presentation, including: ‘work in progress’; particular problems the presenter is trying to tackle; presenting a recent finding (perhaps practising for a conference), etc.
  • Collaborative feedback
  • Academic practice discussion (e.g., working on a paper together, developing networking skills, etc.)

CIC off briefings

CIC off is our short fortnightly meeting on a Tuesday morning, primarily for the Director’s update on UTS and other strategic news

Monthly lunch and CIC back

We’ll be organising a periodic lunch and other social events, e.g. on the first Tuesday of each month, to provide informal space to socialise together.