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December 2019

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Dear Colleagues,

A warm welcome to the December edition!

We round off the final quarter with a new set of diverse stories demonstrating how CIC’s research-inspired innovation — at the intersection of data science, education and human-centred design — adds value to UTS.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on how CIC can help you in 2020, so give us a call or email to have a chat.

Wishing you a peaceful, restorative holiday season.

Simon Buckingham Shum
Director, Connected Intelligence Centre
Professor of Learning Informatics
Data Ethics

Designing human-centred analytics & AI for education

Given justified concerns around unethical uses of big data, analytics and AI in society, CIC has been engaging deeply with the issues — around UTS, the schools sector, in the media and academia.
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Supporting the UTS Academic Language & Literacy team

CIC is collaborating with the Academic Language and Literacy Team from IML and UTS International to support the development of academic literacy for UTS students.
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Are student evaluations of teaching the worst form of evaluation?

CIC hosts panel debate at ALASI conference on the value of using student evaluation data for performance-based funding.
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How do we integrate reflective writing analytics into UTS teaching?

Reflection promotes deep learning, but we know it can be hard to teach, and to learn. CIC developed the world’s first tool to provide feedback on reflective writing, and we've been sharing our lessons learnt at a national forum
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Evaluate Jud

Helping students accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of their work

UTS is focused on creating lifelong learners, and one of those key competencies is the ability to self-assess. CIC’s data scientist has been able to show what this looks like in years of data from thousands of students
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Assessing 21st Century skills using learning analytics

Everyone’s talking about the importance of “21st century skills” but how do we track progress? CIC convened a national workshop to dig deeper...
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Playing cards that empower teachers and students to co-design analytics

Giving all stakeholders a voice in the Learning Analytics design process is a great ideal, but how do you actually make it work? Carlos Prieto-Alvarez has designed a deck of cards that help...
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It’s one thing to have rich learning data, but what’s the story?

Students generate huge amounts of multimodal data from next generation collaborative spaces, but how do we feed this back to them in intelligible ways?
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Lifelong learning analytics: towards partial RPL automation?

We're designing for a future where we'll recognise prior learning of many sorts, so in a new stream of work, we’re developing curriculum analytics...
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Deploying dynamic visualisations: CIC data scientist’s crash course

Want to deploy data visualization Web dashboards via the cloud? CIC’s Data Scientist shows how...
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CIC's first PhD student graduates! The Pedagogy of Writing Analytics

Antonette Shibani passed her PhD with flying colours, with a thesis documenting the process of working with UTS academics to introduce the AcaWriter tool to their students...
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CIC briefs ACOSS on AI’s implications for low-waged workers

As AI starts to automate routine cognitive work, low wage earners are at highest risk. CIC has been helping ACOSS get to grips with the implications
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