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PhD Stage 3 Seminar: Carlos Gerardo Prieto Alvarez – Engaging stakeholders in the learning analytics design process

This is a PhD Stage 3 seminar to present and discuss the overall research project’s goals, findings and contributions. All are welcome to attend, and to provide constructive feedback that will assist the student in preparing the thesis for submission.   Thesis Title: Engaging stakeholders in the learning analytics design process PhD candidate: Carlos Gerardo Prieto Alvarez Postgraduate students designing their own mobile analytics dashboard Abstract Learnin...
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PhD Seminar: Gloria Fernandez Nieto- Providing guidance in Multimodal Learning Analytics visual feedback interfaces for Collaborative Classrooms

  Gloria Milena Fernandez Nieto Abstract: Feedback is a crucial aspect of classroom-based learning. Delivering high-quality feedback can help students to make well-informed decisions by understanding their learning goals, teacher’s pedagogical intentions, and their actual performance. However, providing actionable feedback is challenging, especially in large classes with many students or groups to follow up. One way to provide automated feedback is through learning analytics (LA) vis...
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Seminar: Tim van Gelder (U. Melbourne)

SWARM as an Immersive Learning Environment for Analytical Reasoning Skills https://youtu.be/WfL5Fj9T2-o Abstract: SWARM is a cloud platform aimed at improving analytical reasoning in intelligence work. SWARM tries to improve analytical reasoning by improving collaboration within groups of analysts rather than by trying to structure their thinking in any particular way. In large-scale testing in 2017, teams on SWARM showed they could produce remarkably good reasoning. While primarily aimed at...
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Seminar: Elle Yuan Wang – ASU EdPlus Action Lab

Exploring Non-Cognitive Reasons behind Success after Failure The availability of large-scale online courses enabled assessment of academic performances at scale. Equally important is the opportunity to investigate the state of non-cognitive or soft skills of online learners to inform design of interventions to improve learning outcomes. The present analysis looked learners who successfully passed the course, either passed at their first attempts or passed after failed attempts, and compared how...
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Seminar: Cristina Conati – Towards User-Adaptive Visualizations

Professor Cristina Conati (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada) REGISTER As digital information continues to accumulate in our lives, information visualizations have become an increasingly relevant tool for discovering trends and shaping stories from this overabundance of data.   Visualizations are typically designed based on the data to be displayed and the tasks to be supported, but they follow a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to user individual differences such as ...
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Sasha Gromov: Towards Personalised Learning Pathways

My name is Aleksandr, but you are more than welcome to call me Sasha. I am from Moscow, Russia, but the last three years I spent in Sydney. I just finished a Master of IT at UTS and decided to carry out research. I am interested in Learning Analytics and graduate employability in particular. My aim is helping graduates to find a perfect learning path for their desired careers. I think I have a unique experience as a PhD student. I have been living in Sydney for three years, so it is not a new s...
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Human-Centred Data Science: Principles and Practices from CIC’s Work

This Seminar is part of the UTS Research Hub (RESHub) The session will be led by Simon Buckingham Shum, Professor of Learning Informatics and Director, UTS Connected Intelligence Centre Human-Centred Data Science pays explicit attention to the human factors in the conception, design and delivery of data, analytics and AI. In this talk, Simon will describe how this work is conducted in CIC, as we invent, deploy and evaluate data/AI-intensive analytics tools for teaching and learning in UTS...
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A Brief Introduction to Telling Stories with Data

John Naisbitt said: "We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge". This quote is getting increasingly relevant nowadays when we are literally surrounded by data in our everyday lives. Interpreting and communicating data insights is becoming quite critical in all kind of industries. However, finding the story behind the data and communicating it effectively, is significantly harder than just crunching numbers and plotting data points. This seminar is a brief introduction to ho...
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UTS In-House

CIC runs a variety of professional development activities throughout the year. These include... LX.Lab briefings for UTS staff on the learning analytics capabilities CIC is developing Summer@UTS workshops for students to upskill themselves In-house and guest seminars Conversations to open up topical debates for UTS and the public Training with analytics tools To see details about past programs, browse through our event archive. For information about upcoming events, kee...
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