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Arguments, Evidence and Intuition

Arguments, Evidence and Intuition (AEI)

Arguments, Evidence and Intuition is an undergraduate elective running as a 6 credit point elective (approximately 120 students per session) and 8 credit point elective (FASS: approximately 50 students per session). In line with the UTS priority to build critical, quantitative literacy in all students and staff, AEI provides an introduction to key concepts, to help learners see the relevance to their own interests:

This subject promotes development of numeracy, quantitative literacy and critical thinking skills. Informed citizens need these skills to participate in discussion of significant issues in culture and society. Using primary research materials, governmental reports, and stories and claims drawn from current media and other sources, participants analyse and identify key features of numerical data and graphical illustrations used to support argument. By examining the ways that quantitative data can be collected, used and abused, as evidence for supporting argument, participants have an opportunity to develop habits of mind and lifelong learning skills that can be applied to the questions that should be asked, as informed citizens, of arguments and the supporting data. Participants apply their skills to construct a narrative that uses graphical and numerical data to tell a story, or support an argument, based on the principles explored in the subject.

From 2015-17 AEI was based in CIC, after which it moved to the Science Faculty. CIC is now exploring the opportunities for a postgraduate version.