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Immediate, personalised feedback on reflective writing

https://youtu.be/vl9fpKtbLfY The start of the new year is a good moment to distill the key ingredients of the 2 year collaboration around writing analytics (automated feedback to students on their reflective writing), that CIC has built with UTS academic Cherie Lucas from our School of Pharmacy. As with other collaborations (such as with Pip Ryan on her students' legal writing), it exemplifies the co-design process that we initiate with aca...
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Latest advances in personalised feedback to nursing teams

In an exciting new paper from the Health Simulation Analytics project, we document our approach to give meaning to multimodal group activity data, in order to give personalised feedback to teams as quickly as possible. Inspired by the metaphor of social translucence, we are proposing a vision to make evidence of collaboration translucent. In doing so, we emphasise that besides the obvious social dimension, collaboration also involves epistemic (the task at hand), physical (the use of tools, dev...
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Welcome Nikhil!

CIC warmly welcomes Nikhil Sarathy who came on board the team last month.  Nikhil is a doctoral student in Learning analytics at CIC, with a keen focus on ‘Adaptive Learning Eco-System’ and its associated challenges of learner’s data interoperability. In this context, his research aims to explore the application and extended usage of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in Education, involving students, instructors, organization, learning systems and other potential use cases in a peer to peer...
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Dr Kirsty Kitto to keynote at e-learning Korea 2018 Expo

Dr Kirsty Kitto from CIC has been invited to present a keynote session at on using xAPI in Learning Analytics at the e-Learning Korea 2018 International Conference and Edtech Fair which will be held in Seoul, Republic of Korea on the dates of September 13-15.   e-Learning Expo Korea is a 3 day event being held from 13th to 15th Sept 2018 at the COEX Korea Exhibition Center in Seoul, Korea. This event showcases products like e-Publishing Contents, Digital Textbook, Educational Appl...
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Creating the Translucent Classroom

UTS, through its Learning.Futures initiative and its strong investment in innovative learning spaces and classroom technologies, is empowering teaching staff and students to integrate and embrace the best of online and face-to-face experiences. But in this blended learning model, how do you make visible the ‘teaching and learning’ in the physical classroom? To address this question, Dr Roberto Martinez-Maldonado and his team have developed the ‘Translucent Classroom’ project, which provides a...
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Change Your Mind with UTS Open Modules

Have you ever wondered what Facebook knows about you? (If you haven’t, you should...) Would you like to improve your data and digital literacy, as well as your critical thinking skills? Then head to UTS Open.   Kirsty Kitto from CIC has been collaborating with the Postgraduate Futures team and Simon Knight to create two online modules for UTS Open: A Journey Through Data shows you how to engage with data systematically and strategically, as well as learn how to tell a data st...
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Giving stakeholders a voice in analytics design

AI and analytics are complex technologies – so how do we build trust in them? Doctoral researcher Carlos Prieto-Alvarez is adapting co-design techniques to give academics and students a voice in shaping next generation tools. Postgraduate students designing their own mobile analytics dashboard Co-design and participatory design for learning analytics requires a clear vision of what is learning and how data analysis can be used to benefit participants. Researchers and academics commonly des...
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Accounting students using AcaWriter to get instant feedback on their writing

In summary: AcaWriter (writing analytics tool) tested in new genre of writing Rolled out to over 600 accounting students with exciting positive feedbacks   CIC’s Writing Analytics tool AcaWriter is now being tested for in a new genre of writing – business reports written by accounting students. The tool has been rolled out to about 600 students in UTS this semester (Spring 2018) with a version of automated feedback tuned for this genre. Rhetorical moves from AcaWriter were mapped to t...
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The Student Experience Analytics (SEA) Project

  In summary: The SEA Project uses a time series representation (advanced statistics and exploratory visualisations) of the student response rates from available survey data to deliver valuable new insights to student experiences Already, it has uncovered hidden strengths and weaknesses, enabling CIC to better respond to faculty queries about this data   What would we learn about the student experience at UTS if we crunched together a whole bunch of quantitative and qualitat...
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CIC Welcomes Ming Liu to the team

We are delighted to announce that Dr Ming Liu has joined CIC as a Research Fellow in Text Analytics. His research interests include human language technologies in writing and reading and learning analytics especially using technology and data to enhance learning, engagement and collaboration. His research findings have appeared in IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, Journal of Internet and Higher Education, Educational Technology & Society, Intelligent Tutoring System and other respe...
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