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Belonging Analytics: new concept, paper, webinar, community

Connecting the fields of student belonging and learning analytics: "Belonging Analytics" As with every purposeful human endeavour, motivation for learning and becoming a professional within a discipline is enhanced when individuals feel a sense of belonging. In the context of education, belonging refers to students’ subjective feeling of being a valued member of the learning community, that comes from a sense of connection with others as well as to the course of study. This affective dimensio...
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CIC celebrates 3 PhD graduates

Last week, CIC celebrated 3 of our students as they graduate with their PhD.  Dr. Vanessa Echeverria Barzola Year of completion: 2020 (commenced 2016) Thesis title: 'Designing Feedback for Collocated Teams using Multimodal Learning Analytics' Supervisor/s: Prof. Simon Buckingham Shum & Dr. Roberto Maldonado Martinez Thesis access link: https://opus.lib.uts.edu.au/handle/10453/140936 Dr. Vanessa Echeverria Barzola is now a Postdoctoral Fellow at Monash University, Austra...
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New CIC publication explores the intersection between big data and education

Using causal models to bridge the divide between big data and educational theory By Kirsty Kitto, Ben Hicks and Simon Buckingham Shum.  Available via the British Journal of Educational Technology (https://bera-journals.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/bjet.13321) Published: 2023 The following abstract is extracted from the publication. With the proliferation of data in educational settings it is becoming even more important to ensure analytical results are grounded in r...
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Book Launch: ‘Data Science and Analytics Strategy: An Emergent Design Approach’ – Dr. Kailash Awati

On Friday 12th May, CIC hosted the official book launch for Dr. Kailash Awati (CIC Adjunct Fellow) and Alexander Scriven's new publication titled: 'Data Science and Analytics Strategy: An Emergent Design Approach'  By Dr. Kailash Awati and Alexander Scriven  Available via Routledge (https://www.routledge.com/Data-Science-and-Analytics-Strategy-An-Emergent-Design-Approach/Awati-Scriven/p/book/9781032196329). Publisher: CRC Press / Routledge - 2023 Abstract: This book describes ...
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Dr. Kirsty Kitto co-writes ‘Transitions through Lifelong Learning: Implications for learning analytics’

Transitions through Lifelong Learning: Implications for learning analytics By Kirsty Kitto et al.  Available via the ScienceDirect (https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2666920X21000333?via%3Dihub) Published: 2021 The following abstract is extracted from the publication. The ability to develop new skills and competencies is a central concept of lifelong learning. Research to date has largely focused on the processes and support individuals require to engage in up...
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Dr. Kirsty Kitto presents at CDAA Webinar: ChatGPT, what is it & what does it mean?

Associate Professor Dr. Kirsty Kitto from CIC was a panelist in a webinar held on April 27, 2023. The webinar, titled "Generative AIs and their Implications for the Future of Work and Employability," explored the potential of generative AIs such as ChatGPT 4 and DALL·E 2 in shaping our work futures and the skills and capabilities that will be required. Dr. Kitto, an expert in learning analytics joined Kim Flintoff, an educational transformation consultant, to discuss the implications of generati...
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ALASI 2022: CIC hosts the 2022 Australian Learning Analytics Summer Institute

After a 2-year hiatus, CIC had the pleasure of hosting the annual Australian chapter of the Learning Analytics Summer Institute as an in-person event over 8 and 9 December at UTS. This year’s event was organised by leaders in the learning analytics field from different Australian Universities including UTS, as well as a student representative. Considering how the pandemic had prevented the community – especially PhD students – from gathering together in person, the event was planned to be highl...
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Article on Learning Analytics and AI by CIC Director is named BJET’s top downloaded piece

Learning Analytics and AI: Politics, Pedagogy and Practices By Simon Buckingham-Shum & Rose Luckin Available via the British Educational Research Association (https://doi.org/10.1111/bjet.12880) Published: 29/09/2019 The following is an extract from the front page of this publication. Politics, pedagogy and practices This special issue provides resources to tackle this challenge, by engaging with these concerns under the banner of three themes: Politics, Pedagogy and Practices...
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Using OnTask to personalise feedback and communication to students: What do academics say?

Over the past few years, OnTask has been used by academics at UTS to create rule-based messages to personalise feedback and tailor communication to every student in their subject. What is their experience with using this novel personalised messaging tool, and how do they feel about the impact of their personalised communication with students? CIC interviewed a few academics to find out their perspective. OnTask is a tool that draws on learning analytics for personalising feedback. A key feature...
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State-of-the-art reports published on Learning Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Education

CIC contributes to new reports on the state of the art of Learning Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Education Australia is fortunate to have some of the leading researchers in Learning Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Education,some of them being founders of these fields. Over the last year, CIC’s senior researchers Kirsty Kitto and Simon Buckingham Shum have been working with colleagues across the country on a series of research articles, documenting the state of play, and the ...
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