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Harnessing Data Science to Protect Women’s Rights

When a woman is leading the country, do they pass more pro-women laws? Can we say that one country has a better law for women than another, when it comes to domestic violence, tax or some other piece of legislation? Until now, there was no way to answer such questions in a rigorous way. But Ramona Vijeyarasa (UTS Chancellor’s Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the Faculty of Law) found that CIC could help, and working with CIC Data Scientist Mike Pracy, has invented a new way to assess legislative...
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Data science to support UTS students’ English language development

UTS has a strong commitment to ensuring that academic English is at an acceptable standard for all students across all disciplines. In addition, a number of standards are required by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). These factors led to the establishment of an English Language Working Group (ELWG) to embed the raising of English language ability across the Institution. These factors led to the establishment of an English Language Working Group (ELWG), chaired by the ...
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CIC showcases at EduTECH Australia

CIC’s Director Simon Buckingham Shum was honoured to be invited to present at EduTECH Australia. With over 10,000 delegates, Simon shared the advanced feedback tools being used by UTS educators and students, emphasising the need to use technology to advance progressive teaching and learning. Replay his 20min talk and download his slides, which introduce the work of our final year doctoral researchers Shibani Antonette, Vanessa Echeverria and Carlos Prieto Alvarez: Simon hosted a series of rou...
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Welcome Andrey!

We are delighted to announce that Andrey Inkin has joined CIC as a Full Stack Developer…Welcome! Andrey grew up in Russia and has a keen interest in the Information Technology industry. With over ten years of experience in enterprise scale technology environments and web development, Andrey is a valuable asset to the CIC team. As a previous Senior Web Developer at the University of Technology Sydney, he oversaw the development and maintenance of a number of web applications such as the UTS Li...
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Farewell to Roberto Martinez-Maldonado

CIC Research Fellow Roberto Martinez-Maldonado was our first postdoctoral researcher, appointed in 2015! After an outstanding fellowship forging collaborations across the university, he has just secured a Senior Lectureship at Monash University where he will no doubt take his work to the next level: “Thank you all for sharing your love, time and friendship with me. I will bring your positive energy with me”.
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Welcome Muna!

CIC warmly welcomes Muna Musarrat who recently came on board the team. Muna is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at CIC, with a keen focus on U@Uni Academy project. I was born in Chittagong, Bangladesh as the youngest and eighth member of my family. We all moved to Malaysia when I was four. I went to primary school where I was first introduced to computers at the age of six. Later, I returned to Bangladesh and ended up studying Business Administration (not because I wanted to do business, but b...
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Welcome Mahesh!

We are delighted to announce that Mahesh Jeshani has joined CIC as a UX/Front End Developer...Welcome! I was born and grew up in Nairobi, Kenya. I have always been fascinated by all things digital; A hobby project that comes to mind is the sheer excitement I had, on successfully broadcasting a digital signal wirelessly using my own FM radio. At the age of 14 when I programmed Ping-Pong game on Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer where the storage medium was an audio cassette. My solutions approa...
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Welcome Aida!

We are delighted to announce that Aida Haile has joined CIC as an Administrative Assistant...Welcome! I was born in Adelaide, Australia but grew up in Sydney. Currently, I am studying a Master of Science majoring in Mathematical and Statistical Modelling at the University of Technology Sydney. During my undergraduate degree I was fascinated with the world of Data Science and decided I wanted to pursue a career that is not only challenging but also fulfilling. That is a key reason why I wanted t...
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Farewell to Ratha Ang

Last week we said goodbye to Ratha Ang, our Administrative Assistant. She has been part of CIC's professional team since 2017. Her dedication and ability to strive has seen her take on a new opportunity as a Travel and Administration Officer in The School of International Studies and Education at UTS. Ratha’s considerate and warm-hearted personality will surely be missed. CIC wishes Ratha all the best with her future endeavours and new administrative role.
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Nikhil Sarathy: Towards Lifelong Learning Infrastructure

My research focuses on the implications that lifelong learning will have for the educational data infrastructure. This currently provides poor support for challenges such as the Recognition of Prior learning (RPL) as people move between formal education and in/out of workplaces. My research is analysing the possibility of a “learner model” that could summarise key aspects of a learner’s knowledge and experience, and the data infrastructure that could make this a reality. I am investigating wheth...
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