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New video captures CIC/Health collaboration on automated feedback to nursing teams

 This exciting new video captures the way that CIC works with faculty academics to identify teaching and learning challenges, co-design new forms of automated feedback, powered by data and analytics, and deliver this via engaging user interfaces. This work comes from the PhD work of Vanessa Echeverria, who recently graduated from CIC, and building on this, the ongoing PhD of Gloria Fernandez-Nieto. Congratulations to them on this ground-breaking work, and to their supervisors (Roberto Martin...
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24/7 Instant Feedback on Writing: Integrating AcaWriter into your Teaching | Monthly Event

This is a monthly event Wednesday, 2 September 2020 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm Wednesday, 7 October 2020 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm Wednesday, 4 November 2020 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm Wednesday, 2 December 2020 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm    Zoom – further details provided upon registration What difference could instant feedback on draft writing make to your students? Over the last 5 years the Connected Intelligence Centre has been developing and piloting an automated feedback tool for academic writing (AcaWrite...
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Welcome Ben Hicks, our newest PhD candidate!

We are delighted to announce that Ben Hicks has joined CIC as a PhD candidate…Welcome! Ben has always loved patterns. This grew from a childhood growing up around the natural beauty of Norfolk Island, the south coast of NSW and Darwin, to obsessively creating music and a steadily expanding appreciation of the abstract world of mathematics. He spent a decade as a high school teacher across three continents, puzzling over the multitude of ways that minds can learn and how educational systems try ...
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Welcome Joseph Jung, UX specialist!

We are delighted to announce that Joseph Jung has joined CIC as a User Experience (UX)  specialist and User Interface (UI) Front End Developer…Welcome! Joseph grew up in Korea. He is interested in UX/UI. He worked at Samsung Electronics as a UX Designer and Researcher for over 7 years, developing many fast prototypes. His interests in UX/UI led him to pursue his PhD at the University of Sydney. His research was conducted on new interface designs for food journaling mobile apps to help people ...
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24/7 instant feedback on writing for all students

Academic Writing has distinctive hallmarks that reflect the importance placed on critical thinking, argument and reflection. It's also tough to learn. Now AI can provide instant feedback — even on your 17th draft, at 3am... Those of you who follow CIC's work will know that over the last 5 years, we've been refining an automated feedback tool tuned for academic writing, called AcaWriter. We're delighted to say that we've recently announced its release to all UTS students! [retweet] While the ...
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Building staff resilient agency to cope with disruption

National bushfires. A global pandemic. Global social unrest. The disruption of higher education. And 2020 hasn't even reached half-time. When the only constant is change, we need a distinctive set of personal qualities to adapt and thrive. But how do we talk about those qualities? Can we meaningfully assess them? And what does it look like when leadership values these qualities? A long-standing stream of research has studied the dispositions, or 'habits of mind', that equip us with an openness ...
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CIC at (online) international conferences

Research is fuelled by academics connecting through high quality, peer reviewed conferences — all of which had to shift online this year due to the pandemic. CIC was out in force, albeit into the small hours on some occasions!... For CIC, the International Conference on Learning Analytics is a primary venue — and notably, No.6 and the only conference in Google Scholar's impact rankings for Educational Technology. As usual, CIC had a strong presence with our academics and students contributing p...
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Writing a better Research Abstract: free course + AI feedback!

CIC Doctoral Researcher Sophie Abel specialises in academic writing, and has just published a free course on UTS Open, entitled "Writing an Abstract". Writing an Abstract is about an hour’s tutorial introducing the hallmarks of a good abstract, including a wide range of engaging interactive exercises. The course is based on Sophie’s PhD who brings her expertise in Academic Language & Learning to the challenge of designing automated feedback on writing. The course concepts are carried throu...
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How well do you make use of a learning space?

"Classroom Proxemics" refers to how teachers and students use a learning space. CIC has engaged UTS academics in evaluating a range of visual analytics that make their use of space visible in completely new ways. Does it make sense? Is it ethical? In concert with making the best use of online learning at UTS, an enormous amount of learning and teaching still happens face-to-face (except when there's a global pandemic on!). The UTS learning.futures model underpins the massive redesign of our on-...
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Congratulations Dr Vanessa Echeverria!

We're delighted to announce that Vanessa Echeverria has graduated from our Learning Analytics Doctoral Program! She submitted a thesis that required just a few typographical fixes, earning the praise of her international examiners. Co-supervised by Roberto Martinez-Maldonado and Simon Buckingham Shum, and working closely with UTS Faculty of Health academics, her research broke new ground with the development of multimodal analytics to provide visual feedback to teams of nurses in the simulation...
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