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A university where data, ideas and people are connected — enhancing learning, teaching and research, and supporting external engagement and professional operations.

CIC’s distinctive focus is on connecting — people, data and ideas — to increase the impact UTS has through its students, educators, researchers and external community.

People: People remain central to the design, implementation and use of analytics; CIC conducts human-centred data science. CIC also connects people by catalysing internal and external partnerships to unlock data and build the capacity to use analytics tools. CIC aims to build staff capacity in data science.

Data: CIC seeks to catalyse the application of analytics and data science to practical problems in the University. This requires disconnected data to be joined, and made intelligible to the users for the work they need to do.

Ideas: Data is meaningless until given context, which in innovation, teaching and research, is ultimately always about ideas. The process of “sensemaking” is what transforms data into evidence for arguments, and insights — so digitally-mediated human interaction with data and ideas are a focal interest for CIC.