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PhD Resources

Graduate Research School

GRS coordinates UTS-wide PhD and indeed all researcher development. We encourage you to build your network of peers across the disciplines (also bearing in mind that your learning analytics research may well need to partner with one or more academic teams in the faculties/centres)

UTS Library

UTS Library runs a range of workshops throughout the year for researchers. Check out their research site for more information.

  • Video on research data management and Stash

Key resources

Around the web



Share exemplar thesis citations here – the best way to learn how to write a PhD, and the many different PhD shapes and styles, is to read them.

  • Huffman, S. R. (2015). Exploring learner perceptions of and interaction behaviors using the Research Writing Tutor for research article Introduction section draft analysis. Retrieved from http://lib.dr.iastate.edu/etd/14418/
  • Feng, Hui-Hsien (2015). Designing, implementing, and evaluating an automated writing evaluation tool for improving EFL graduate students’ abstract writing: a case in Taiwan

General thesis resources

General Reference Books that might prove useful include:

  • 5 books to help you with your PhD https://thesiswhisperer.com/2010/11/18/5-books-to-help-you-with-your-phd/
  • Burns, R.B. (1994) Introduction to Research Methods, Melbourne: Longman Cheshire (esp. parts 1 and 3).
  • Creswell, J. (1994) Research Design: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches, Thousand Oaks, Sage
  • Crotty, M. (1998) The Foundations of Social Research: Meaning in the Research Process, Sage
  • Leedy, P. & Ormrod, J. (2000) Practical Research: Planning & Design, Prentice Hall (7th ed)
  • Martella, R., Nelson, R. & Marchand-Martella, N. (1998) Research Methods: learning to Become a Critical Research Consumer, Allyn & Bacon
  • Punch, K.F. (1998) Introduction to Social Research: Quantitative & Qualitative Approaches, Sage, London
  • Peterson, R. A. (2000), Constructing Effective Questionnaires, Sage Publications Inc., Thousand Oaks