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UTS ViTaL: Ideation & Visual Thinking

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“Seeing between the lines”: ideation and thinking visually for learning and teaching

Theresa Anderson (CIC), Andrew Francois (IML), Katrina Waite (IML), Kelly Tall (CIC)

CIC plays host to a learning community exploring ways ideation (processes for generating ideas) and visual techniques can support the design and delivery of teaching material and help students effectively think through and communicate their work. ViTaL (Visuality in Teaching and Learning) emerged as the outcome of a 2015 UTS Learning & Teaching Grant that was used to create learning resources and establish a network for the dissemination of ideas and techniques that can simplify the communication of complex ideas and enhance critical understandings. In building on the research and teaching expertise of its core members in relation to visual ideation, creativity and mobile technologies, the project responds to the UTS Model of Learning by crafting learning that is research-inspired, transdisciplinary and integrated both in terms of student learning and staff development.

We launched our learning community (ViTaL) at the UTS Learning and Teaching Forum in 2015.

As a result of  ViTaL events at the 2016 conference (#utstlf16 #utsvital) we are now organising monthly gatherings of our learning community, with the first one scheduled for February 2017.

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