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Learning Analytics for Business Graduate Attributes

Learning Analytics for Graduate Attributes:
Business School Masters Research Project (capstone)

Teaching & Learning Grant, 2015: PI: Deborah Edwards (Assoc. Professor: Business), Carmel Foley (Assoc. Professor: Business), Kerry Hunter (Senior Lecturer: IML), Ruth Crick and Simon Buckingham Shum (CIC).


UTS graduates need the disposition to embrace opportunities to learn, and the knowledge to engage with ill-structured, contested, socio-technical problems. It is also imperative that graduates can communicate and argue clearly in their writing. This project proposes to pilot two learning analytics approaches tuned to these qualities, called CLARA and AWA, in the newly introduced Masters Research Project (Capstone) in the UTS Business School. In collaboration with the Connected Intelligence Centre (CIC), School of Education and IML, we will test these learning analytics as new forms of evidence for Graduate Attributes:

  1. critically analyse and apply relevant information and concepts for business decisions taking into account the broader environmental context,
  2. locate, select, and analyse relevant data and resources,
  3. communicate information clearly and fluently, in high quality written and oral forms appropriate for different audiences, and
  4. producing oral presentations for academic and professional audiences.

Project news. . .

Nov 2015: Presentation to the UTS Learning & Teaching Forum 2015

Dispositional Learning Analytics . . .

The genesis of CLARA

Blog Post introducing the most recent research, detailed in:

Ruth Deakin Crick, Shaofu Huang, Adeela Ahmed Shafi & Chris Goldspink (2015): Developing Resilient Agency in Learning: The Internal Structure of Learning Power. British Journal of Educational Studies, Vol. 63, Issue 2, pp. 121-160DOI: 10.1080/00071005.2015.1006574. Open Access Eprint:  http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/00071005.2015.1006574

Dispositional Learning Analytics Workshop, July 2, 2013, Stanford University

Dispositional Learning Analytics Workshop held at the 2013 Learning Analytics Summer Institute, introducing delegates to the work of Ruth Crick, Chris Goldspink (Incept Labs, Sydney), Dave Paunesku & Carol Dweck (PERTS Lab, Stanford University) and Nelson Gonzalez (Declara, currently in pilot at UTS).

Distillation of a decade’s research (as of 2012) for the Learning Analytics community

Buckingham Shum, S. and Deakin Crick, R. (2012). Learning Dispositions and Transferable Competencies: Pedagogy, Modelling and Learning AnalyticsProceedings 2nd International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge, 29 Apr – 02 May 2012, Vancouver, British Columbia, CA. ACM Press: New York, pp.92-101. 10.1145/2330601.2330629. Eprint: http://oro.open.ac.uk/32823 / Video Replay