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Welcome to the Connected Intelligence Centre (CIC).
CIC is an innovation centre providing UTS with new insights through analytics tools. Established in 2014, the Centre works in close partnership with faculties and business units, providing UTS with innovative data science tools and expertise. CIC has forged high quality internal and external relationships, building the capacity of UTS to take advantage of data science techniques and analytics tools. 
CIC’s focus is human-centred data science — as it impacts education, and society at large. People bring sensemaking abilities that complement computational intelligence. New tools need to be designed through participatory, rapid prototyping. Analytics embody values and worldviews in categories, algorithms and visualisations. In learning, this reinforces certain epistemologies, pedagogies and assessment regimes, with UTS Learning.Futures driving our priorities.
CIC’s vision is a University where people, data and ideas are connected – enhancing learning and teaching, research, external engagement and professional operations.