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Training: ATN Text Analytics workshop

CIC hosts the kickoff workshop for a new ATN-funded project, 6-7 Feb. The Higher Education Text Analytics project will share expertise, experience and code on the application of natural language processing to student writing, student survey feedback and curriculum materials. Analytics leaders from all five partner institutions will meet: Curtin, Queensland Univ. Technology, Univ. South Australia, RMIT and UTS. News story... https://cic.uts.edu.au/cic_atn_project/
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Training: Dialogue Mapping Masterclass

This event has concluded. Stop wasting time and make better decisions Change is hard. Getting people to understand each other and align on common goals is hard. High stakes decisions have to be made with scant information, brain-hurting complexity and rapidly moving goalposts. Dialogue Mapping cuts through this clutter to bring people’s views together in a fraction of the time it normally takes. Dialogue Mapping is a versatile design thinking and decision making tool that has been used by innov...
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Training: OnTask OLT Project Workshop for UTS Staff

Ever wondered how to provide your students with individual feedback and recommendations on their learning progress both quickly and easily? On Thursday June 22, the UTS Connected Intelligence Centre (CIC) hosted a hands-on workshop to demonstrate the potential applications of OnTask software for UTS staff.  OnTask can be used to integrate data on student activity and learning progress, and automate the mailing out of personalised feedback to your students, composed by yourself based on your per...
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Training: Writing Analytics Workshop for UTS Staff

The Connected Intelligence Centre ran a hands-on workshop for UTS staff on Writing Analytics. The workshop exposed attendees to the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools, explored the potential and pitfalls of writing analytics and discussed the broader educational issues in this space. Event details Date: Tuesday June 6, 2017 Time: 12:30 - 3:30pm  Location: CIC Ideation Studio, Building 22, UTS (Blacfriars Precinct) For details of the capabilities of CIC’s writing analytics tool, an...
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