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Writing analytics and the LAK15 “State of the Field” panel

Tweet We just concluded an outstandingly run LAK15 conference hosted expertly by Marist College, Poughkeepsie NY. In the closing panel, a few of us shared thoughts on the state of the field. International LA expert panel with @sbuckshum rep Australia @dgasevic UK @hthwaite Canada @stephteasley US pic.twitter.com/lyAHciNjnu — Shane Dawson (@shaned07) March 20, 2015 The replay will join all the other LAK talks on the SoLAR YouTube channel eventually. Meantime, here’re my extended notes+links, a...
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Analytics for learning outside the LMS

Tweet Just kicking off, a project funded by Australian OLT which I’ve long been dreaming about under the heading of Social Learning Analytics [1-2], and now brought to life by Kirsty Kitto and her team at QUT, in collaboration with Mandy Lupton who is developing the concept of teaching+learning in the wild. The point of departure is their Connected Learning Analytics (CLA) Toolkit: “The CLA toolkit helps students and teachers to harvest data about their activities in standard social media envi...
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New Book: Knowledge Art

A new book has just been published, as part of the Human-Centred Informatics series (Morgan Claypool), edited by Jack Carroll. Constructing Knowledge Art  An Experiential Perspective on Crafting Participatory Representations This book is about how people (we refer to them as practitioners) can help guide participants in creating representations of issues or ideas, such as collaborative diagrams, especially in the context of Participatory Design (PD). At its best, such representations ...
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Learning analytics and educational research – what’s new?

Tweet A brief note that I thought I’d post to see what people think. [1] A research team conducts an investigation into some aspect of the effectiveness of teaching and learning. It’s really not important what the details are. They analyse their data, using some techniques whose details don’t matter, find some patterns they consider to be significant, which they are able to report to fellow researchers.  Is this a “learning analytics system”? If so, why? If not, why not? OK, try this: [2] The...
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New Book: Knowledge Cartography

Knowledge Cartography: Software Tools and Mapping Techniques CIC’s Director Simon Buckingham Shum has co-edited a new edition of Knowledge Cartography: Software Tools and Mapping Techniques. This exemplifies CIC’s approach to visualization as an aid to sensemaking when building Contested Collective Intelligence grounded in dialogue and argumentation. The book includes an extensive collection of real world case studies from research and education, with particular attention to the processes by wh...
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Constructing Knowledge Art: new book

Tweet A new book has just come out as part of the Human-Centred Informatics series (Morgan Claypool), edited by Jack Carroll. Constructing Knowledge Art: An Experiential Perspective on Crafting Participatory Representations As many of you will know, Al Selvin is a close colleague and friend in New York, whose PhD research with me is the heart of the book’s story. Al is passionate about understanding the ability that some people have (including himself), of being able to add value to a group’...
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CIC is hiring: come join us in Sydney

Tweet From the CIC website, 3 posts currently seeking extraordinary people… Research Fellow: Data Science We invite applications from highly motivated data scientists wishing to work in a dynamic team, creating tools to provide insight into diverse datasets within the university and beyond. We welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds, although knowledge of educational theory and practice will be highly advantageous. You are a great communicator, bringing expertise in some combination of sta...
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Tweet The blog has resurfaced! I’m 2 months into life here in Sydney, and it’s been pretty full on — but fun, living with a fabulous couple who’ve become new friends (cheers Jenna & John), getting to know my new colleagues and city, with weekends spent taking off in a rental car to find a home, choose schools, finally welcoming the family after 6 weeks out here, and now unpacking as our boat has come in with all our worldly possessions. Just the dog to join us now! The new Connected Intel...
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