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Open Source Writing Analytics

   CIC has released its Academic Writing Analytics (AWA) infrastructure open source. THE CHALLENGE. CIC initiated its Academic Writing Analytics (AWA) project in 2015, as it became clear through consultations across faculties that student writing was a strategically important area for UTS teaching and learning (and indeed, for most other educational institutions). The possibility of providing instant, personalised, actionable feedback to students about their drafts, 24/7, is a compelling one. ...
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heta.io • ATN Text Analytics kickoff workshop

The ATN-funded Higher Education Text Analytics project convened for its kickoff workshop at the UTS Connected Intelligence Centre this week. The mission: to build capacity in our institutions to gain new insights into textual data using natural language processing. Our skills matrix revealed an exciting mix of expertises, with staff spanning academic researchers, cloud architects, writing pedagogy specialists, analytics developers and senior managers from institutional analytics centres. Two...
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Job: 4 yr PostDoc: Writing Analytics

CIC Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Writing Analytics (IRC104013) Job Summary [PDF version] [Detailed Person Specification PDF] The University of Technology Sydney has a bold vision to be a world-leading university of technology. We are a dynamic and innovative university in central Sydney, consistently ranked the top young university in Australia. The UTS Connected Intelligence Centre (CIC) is an innovation centre whose mission is to build the university’s capacity to gain insights from analyti...
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Towards Contested Collective Intelligence

As society's problems get only more complex (not just more complicated), there is growing interest in how we can blend "the cloud with the crowd" — the best of machine intelligence and human intelligence. Specifically, complex, wicked problems are never resolvable by individuals analysing a problem and announcing the solution. Multiple perspectives are needed, and engaging stakeholders in helping to define the problem, never mind deciding what might count as an acceptable solution, is critical. ...
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Addressing educators’ concerns about Learning Analytics

It was a pleasure to spend Tuesday afternoon in Melbourne at the Assessment Research Centre (Director, Sandra Milligan) and Centre for the Study of Higher Education (Director, Gregor Kennedy). There is such a breadth and depth of work in these centres, and I met an extraordinary range of researchers. They invited me to address the concerns that many educators have around "Learning Analytics" — the application of data science to educational data, so here goes... Teaching, Assessment and Learning...
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CIC team edits C21 learning analytics journal

CIC Professors Simon Buckingham Shum and Ruth Deakin Crick have edited a Special Section of the Journal of Learning Analytics, published this week. Simon and Ruth (who is joint with the School of Education & Institute for Sustainable Futures) have curated the world's first collection of researcher and practitioner articles on the challenge of Learning Analytics for 21st Century Competencies. Read their editorial introduction (below) to learn more about why these are so important, and how the...
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Algorithmic Accountability for Learning Analytics

Over recent months, CIC's Simon Buckingham Shum has developed a series of invited seminars at Queensland University of Technology, University of South Australia, University College London and The Open University UK, exploring ethical issues surrounding the application of data science in education — learning analytics. See his blog post for details, replay from UCL below.
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CIC was very active at the 6th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK) Conference in April. Below is a quick guide to find out what they presented... Pre-Conference Workshops, Monday 25 April 8:30am-4:30pm: Simon Buckingham Shum and Simon Knight co-chaired the full-day workshop on “Critical Perspectives on Writing Analytics”, with Andrew Gibson contributing. 8:30am-12:30pm: Simon Knight co-chaired the workshop “Putting Temporal Analytics into Practice: The 5th International Work...
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Quarterly Highlights (Jan-Mar 2016)

The year has been very busy on both the teaching and research fronts, below you will find all the headlines! For more information read our latest UTS CIC Quarterly Newsletter Students studying the Master of Data Science & Innovation (MDSI) have once again emerged victorious in the second NSW government’s Data Analytics Centre invitational hackathon (having won the inaugural one). We have launched our Learning Analytics PhD program with three $35K Scholarships, and are appointing student...
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