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Change Your Mind with UTS Open Modules

Have you ever wondered what Facebook knows about you? (If you haven’t, you should…) Would you like to improve your data and digital literacy, as well as your critical thinking skills? Then head to UTS Open.


Kirsty Kitto from CIC has been collaborating with the Postgraduate Futures team and Simon Knight to create two online modules for UTS Open:

  • A Journey Through Data shows you how to engage with data systematically and strategically, as well as learn how to tell a data story.
  • What does Facebook know about you? helps you to unveil the data that Facebook holds on you and discover how it is shaping the way that we consume the news. Be prepared to be startled…!


This work has now been funded by a Postgraduate Futures Strategic Funding grant of $30,000 aimed at Mapping and developing UTS wide data attributes. This work will seek to develop a mechanism for rewarding UTS students with micro credentials  if they complete a pathway of subjects that demonstrate data literacy.