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Chris Goldspink (Incept Labs): Your worldview shapes your teaching

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Chris Goldspink
Whether higher education or K-12, one of the greatest challenges in shifting how we teach is shifting teachers’ mindsets. Ruth Crick and I have a long-standing collaboration with Chris Goldspink at Incept Labs, Sydney. Chris brings expertise in the use of analytical tools to make visible the worldviews that practitioners hold. His findings argue that what educators do is grounded in their fundamental conceptions of knowledge, learning and teaching: in short, their epistemologies. Moreover, shifting practice can only be done in the context of a holistic conception of schools as a complex systems, operating at multiple interacting levels: leaderships, educators, students and parents/carers.

CIC hosted a seminar today, in which Chris briefed the School of Education’s Inside Maths ARC project team, which sparked much interest and reflection. This figure summarises his research findings that only about 15% of 500 school teachers who were observed, were classified as engaging in “dynamic design” practices that promote learning that we would consider to be important from a Learning.Futures perspective. We might reflect on whether this is a tool that we might want to pilot to make visible teacher’s dispositions — for developmental, formative feedback? Read more about Chris’s work, and replay his presentation, from another event that we ran.

As part of our strategy for impacting practice by combining the complementary strengths of academia and entrepreneurial companies, CIC is now exploring collaborations with Incept Labs and School of Education, in the running of professional workshops, and technology co-design and development.

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