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CIC@LAK24 Kyoto

The International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge (LAK) is the annual conference of the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR), and the premier forum for researchers and practitioners. LAK24 comes to Kyoto this year, and several of the CIC team and our alumni will be contributing next week.

Catch us there, or get in touch if you want to know more!…

To what extent do responses to a single survey question provide insights into students’ sense of belonging? Sriram Ramanathan, Simon Buckingham Shum & Lisa-Angelique Lim. You can view the presentation recording here.

Places to intervene in complex learning systems. Kirsty Kitto & Andrew Gibson

Data Storytelling Editor: A Teacher-Centred Tool for Customising Learning Analytics Dashboard Narratives. Gloria Milena Fernandez-Nieto, Roberto Martinez-Maldonado, Vanessa Echeverria, Kirsty Kitto, Dragan Gašević & Simon Buckingham Shum

TeamSlides: a Multimodal Teamwork Analytics Dashboard for Teacher-guided Reflection in a Physical Learning Space. Vanessa Echeverria, Lixiang Yan, Linxuan Zhao, Sophie Abel, Riordan Alfredo, Samantha Dix, Hollie Jaggard, Rosie Wotherspoon, Abra Osborne, Simon Buckingham Shum, Dragan Gašević & Roberto Martinez-Maldonado

Generative AI for Critical Analysis: Practical Tools, Cognitive Offloading and Human Agency. Simon Buckingham Shum. (Workshop on Generative AI for Learning Analytics)

TamilCo-Writer: Towards inclusive use of generative AI for writing support. Antonette Shibani, Faerie Mattins, Srivarshan Selvaraj, Ratnavel Rajalakshmi & Gnana Bharathy (Workshop on Generative AI for Learning Analytics)

Deliberative Democracy as a participatory approach to co-designing the ethical governance of Learning Analytics and AI. Simon Buckingham Shum, Teresa Swist, Kalervo Gulson (Workshop on Fostering Ethical and Equitable Learning Analytics)

Panel: Generative AI and Learning Analytics. Olga Viberg, Lixiang (Jimmie) Yan, Zach Pardos, Hassan Khosravi, Simon Buckingham Shum

Update – not just photos, SoLAR awards!