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CIC leads on Human-Centred Learning Analytics

Simon Buckingham Shum and Roberto Martinez-Maldonado from CIC, with long-standing colleague Rebecca Ferguson (UK Open University), have just edited Human-Centred Learning Analytics as a special issue of the Journal of Learning Analytics. For the first time, this brings together exemplars of how the rich expertise that now exists in human-centred design communities can be brought to bear in learning analytics, so that diverse stakeholders can be given a voice to shape the design of the tools they will be expected to use.

Whet your appetite with their editorial introduction, and then dive deeper with the papers that interest you most.

Buckingham Shum, S., Ferguson, R. and Martinez-Maldonado, R. (2019). (Eds.) Human-Centred Learning Analytics. Special Issue, Journal of Learning Analytics, 6, (2), 1–94.