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CIC leading ATN Text Analytics Project


CIC leading ATN Text Analytics Project 

 UTS and its sister universities of technology in the other states form the Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN), to advance our common missions through collaboration. We are delighted to say that the ATN’s Learning and Teaching Grants Scheme, which promotes joint innovation across the ATN, has just awarded CIC $100,000 to lead a project focusing on the promise and practicalities of Text Analytics. CIC has been focusing on text analytics in support of student writing, but text analytics has other applications of interest in higher education, such as analysing thousands of student/graduate feedback comments, or analysing curriculum materials for topics of interest.

In 2018, CIC is releasing its Writing Analytics infrastructure as an open source project, to help partners get up and running with text analytics, and to build the software and researcher community around a common, modular platform. Working Groups will focus on the different applications areas, sharing code and experiences.

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