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Connecting Nodes for a Human Data Ethics network


One of CIC’s key roles at UTS is to connect people, ideas and data as we wrestle with the opportunities and challenges posed by Big Data. So, on March 6, we were delighted to host colleagues from the faculties, student support units and administration, to discuss their diverse interests in Data Ethics.

Associate Professor Theresa Anderson hosted the networking event and set the scene. As data infrastructure and machine intelligence impacts sectors like education, business, health, medicine and climate science, there is a clear and urgent need to ensure that such systems are ethically-informed.  Concepts such as algorithmic accountability, data transparency and AI ethics are regularly in the news, as computational models are applied to socially complex challenges. Within CIC, we seek to design Learning Analytics infrastructure with these issues in mind, and are keen to share our experiences with colleagues, and learn from them.

“These ethical considerations are of profound professional and societal importance and I’m delighted that there is so much interest from across the University.”

Associate Professor Theresa Anderson

In the coming months, CIC will connect people for a monthly Brown Bag Black Box (B4) lunch, inviting UTS and guest speakers from research, industry and government to discuss both the opportunities and challenges at play in our explosively data-rich world. Watch this space for the upcoming events.

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