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Visualisations to make Graduate Attributes Visible for Reflection

The challenge of supporting student learning in capstones is common to courses across UTS. While students work independently or in teams on their specifically configured projects, the value of ongoing engagement with their teachers and peers is sometimes hard to demonstrate.  We have made inroads in supporting students in these contexts by building a tool for students to actively reflect on their Graduate Attributes as they write about and reflect on their projects.

We have built a Participatory Timeline that highlights milestones or critical events recorded by the students (see figure below). With suitable learning resources guiding the student activity, this provides a provocation to personal and collective reflection. A prototype is already implemented and being evaluated in the Data Arena with MDSI students reflecting on their iLab2 projects.

In the Data Arena, students can interact with the Data Arena display via a tablet device that responds as the students comes in close proximity to their content

To learn more:

Martinez-Maldonado, R., Anderson, T., Silva Feraud, I. and Buckingham Shum, S. (2018), Making Learning Journeys Visible: Towards Supporting Collective Reflection on Graduate AttributesProceedings of ICLS 2018: 13th International Conference of the Learning Sciences, pp.941-944. London, UK (June 2018).

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