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Event recap: Humans, Data, AI & Ethics – A UTS Conversation

Data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies are transforming our workplaces, our social institutions and our everyday lives.

Whilst the creative, commercial and organisational potential of these technologies is exciting, are we overlooking the human and ethical dimensions of data and its uses?

On Wednesday December 6th, a stellar line up of leading UTS academics, along with industry and government speakers, assembled at UTS’s Broadway campus to discuss and debate the evolving social, political and ethical challenges and opportunities at play in our increasingly data-rich world.

The UTS Conversation on Humans, Data, AI & Ethics featured thought-provoking panel discussions, rapid-fire Lightning Talks and poster presentations showcasing research and expertise at the important intersections between people, processes, technologies, data and ethics.

The daytime Conversation (8:30am – 6pm) was followed by the Great Debate (6pm – 7:30pm), which raised the provocative proposition that:

“Humans have blown it: it’s time to turn the planet over to the machines” 

The event saw strong engagement from attendees throughout the day as speakers from various academic backgrounds and industry sectors contributed to these important data ethics discussions.  The Connected Intelligence Centre looks forward to building on this event and developing an international “human data network” of leading thinkers in the field.

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