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24/7 Instant Feedback on Writing: Integrating AcaWriter into your Teaching | 7 Oct

Date: Wednesday, 7th October 2020
Time: 03:30 PM
Location: Zoom

What difference could instant feedback on draft writing make to your students? Over the last 5 years the Connected Intelligence Centre has been developing and piloting an automated feedback tool for academic writing (AcaWriter), working closely with academics across several faculties. The research portal documents how educators and students engage with this kind of AI, and what we’ve learnt about integrating it into teaching and assessment.

In May, AcaWriter was launched to all students along with an information portal. Now we want to start upskilling academics, tutors and learning technologists, in a monthly session to give you the chance to learn about AcaWriter, and specifically, good practices for integrating it into your subject. CIC can support you, and we hope you may be interested in co-designing publishable research.

AcaWriter handles several different ‘genres’ of writing, including reflective writing (e.g. a Reflective Essay; Reflective Blogs/Journals on internships/work-placements) and analytical writing (e.g. Argumentative Essays; Research Abstracts & Introductions).

This briefing will demo AcaWriter, and show it can be embedded in student activities. We hope this sparks ideas for your own teaching, which we can discuss in more detail.

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