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Data Protection and Privacy: In conversation with Sheila FitzPatrick at CIC

Date: Friday, 14th July 2017
Time: 03:30 PM
Location: CIC Ideation Studio, UTS Building 22

On Friday July 14, UTS:CIC hosted world-renowned data protection law expert Sheila FitzPatrick for a conversation on the changing landscape of data protection, data sovereignty and privacy laws. Sheila is the Chief Privacy Officer at data management solutions company NetApp and a global authority on data protection and privacy, particularly in the cloud.

Watch Sheila’s presentation from Cloud Week Paris, 2016.

On Friday, Sheila kicked things off with a rundown of her work before opening things up for conversation on the dynamics and challenges in data protection and privacy.

About Sheila

Sheila has over thirty years’ experience as an international employment and data protection attorney. Sheila is considered one of the world’s leading experts in data privacy laws and works closely with the US Government, Council of the European Union, country-­specific data protection agencies in Europe, Asia/Pacific, and The Americas, as well as, National Works Councils, European Works Councils and Law Enforcement Agencies. She provides expertise and hands-­on experience in the areas of global data protection compliance, data sovereignty, cybersecurity regulations and obligations, legal issues associated with cloud computing and big data, data breach compliance and management, and records management. Sheila has been recognized by Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) around the world for her depth of comprehension and commitment to data protection laws. She speaks regularly at global conferences and panel discussions focused on data privacy, cybersecurity and cloud computing.

Sheila currently works with NetApp as their global Data Governance and Privacy Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer. She is responsible for NetApp’s worldwide data privacy compliance program that includes responsibility for compliance with global laws related to data protection, data sovereignty, cybersecurity, data breach notification, cloud computing and records management.

Sheila holds undergraduate and law degrees (BA & JD) from Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, CA, an MBA from Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY, and a law degree (LLM) from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.