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TRACK Launch Workshop | 31 Mar

Date: Wednesday, 31st March 2021
Time: 01:30 PM
Location: Zoom & in person

You’re invited to join the CIC team in celebrating the official launch of TRACK and contributing to the development of this critical tool.

About this Event

How can you help graduates from your courses become more competitive in the Australian labour market?

What can you do to support students who know what topics they like but can’t work out what to study?

The TRACK (Tailored Recruitment Analytics & Curriculum Knowledge) project utilises data, analytics and artificial intelligence to help UTS improve the employability of our students. It uses job market data to help UTS map our curriculum to the skills people need in the workforce.

A suite of different applications are being built.

TRACK Learner aims to help students:

  • choose study pathways that will help them achieve their dream job,
  • identify alternative career opportunities that they haven’t even considered.

TRACK Designer aims to help course teams:

  • think about the skills they are teaching in their subjects and how they map to various careers
  • explore the local job market for those careers and identify careers with strong growth potential.

FutureTRACK is a product that is being designed to help UTS achieve its strategic Enterprise Learning goals – it is undergoing rapid development right now!

Come along to this workshop to find out more about the project, where it’s going, and to try out some of the different tools being developed. Your feedback will help us with the next stage of development!



To register please log in to LX Events

Date: Wednesday 31st March

Time: 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Location: Zoom & in-person (further details provided upon registration)