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Farewell Ming Liu

We bade a sad farewell today to Ming Liu, as amid the pressure COVID19 lockdown, he managed to catch a flight back to his home, family, and a faculty position in China. Ming specialised in Writing Analytics, supporting our long term R&D program for AcaWriter. In particular, he brought expertise in machine learning from reflecting writing texts, so as well as supporting academics in faculties to introduce AcaWriter to their students, he was also inventing next generation technology that will power future releases (example work below). We are indebted to Ming for the two years he spent in CIC (news stories featuring his work), and wish him all the best in his new position at School of Educational Technology, Faulty of EducationSouthwest University, where we are already continuing our collaboration! 

Shibani, A., Liu, M. & Buckingham Shum, S. (2020). An introduction to Writing Analytics and the design of automated feedback. Learning Analytics Learning Network webinar, 20 Nov. 2020 

Liu, M., Buckingham Shum, S., Mantzourani, E. and Lucas, C. (2019).Evaluating Machine Learning Approaches to Classify Pharmacy Students’ Reflective Statements.Proceedings AIED2019: 20th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education,June 25th – 29th 2019, Chicago, USA. Lecture Notes in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence: Springer