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Nikhil Sarathy: Towards Lifelong Learning Infrastructure

My research focuses on the implications that lifelong learning will have for the educational data infrastructure. This currently provides poor support for challenges such as the Recognition of Prior learning (RPL) as people move between formal education and in/out of workplaces. My research is analysing the possibility of a “learner model” that could summarise key aspects of a learner’s knowledge and experience, and the data infrastructure that could make this a reality. I am investigating whether block-chain could enable trustworthy data-sharing, with the future possibility of semi/fully automated RPL. 

Building an effective learner profile in a decentralised learning ecosystem would enable learners to receive recognition for their knowledge and experience from diverse educational providers and employers. As a result, learners would not only be in greater control of their personal “learning data clouds”, but be assisted in reflecting on their learning journey.