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Skills Analytics to get students on TRACK

A new UTS2027 strategic project, TRACK, is using data, analytics and artificial intelligence to help students make more informed course choices to land their dream job. It’s also helping UTS design courses that anticipate the skills required in the workplace of the future. 

Tailored Recruitment Analytics and Curriculum Knowledge (TRACK) is a UTS2027 strategic project, building student and staff facing tools that use Skills Analytics.

Working in close collaboration with the Careers team, IT Division and faculty academics, TRACK’s tools and services will help deliver the UTS 2027 vision of personalised feedback for UTS students as they make important decisions about their study paths, in order to equip themselves with the skills they need for their desired career trajectory.

The field of Skills Analytics is an emerging application of natural language processing, which extracts the skills described in a document — e.g. a Resumé, a Course/Subject Description, a job advert, a Role Description — and indexes that against one or more skills classification schemes (there are several widely used national and international schemes). One can then start to quantify the skills gap between different profiles.

To go deeper, check out the links below, which demonstrate the expertise we’re building here in CIC, and the work of our data science colleagues Marian-Andrei Rizoiu and Nik Dawson in Engineering & IT.

(NB: we’ve updated this list with some new resources following the publication of this story)