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Giving stakeholders a voice in analytics design

AI and analytics are complex technologies – so how do we build trust in them? Doctoral researcher Carlos Prieto-Alvarez is adapting co-design techniques to give academics and students a voice in shaping next generation tools.

Postgraduate students designing their own mobile analytics dashboard

Co-design and participatory design for learning analytics requires a clear vision of what is learning and how data analysis can be used to benefit participants. Researchers and academics commonly design new learning activities placing students as the main beneficiaries, but often overlook the value of involving the students themselves in the process.

Involving students, teachers and academics in the design process provides better insights on  expected outcomes  that help to increase engagement with the learning activities. This is however not without significant challenges.  Data and learning literacies,  power relationships, concerns over surveillance, and transparency are some of the major barriers to overcome when implement this process .

This is an example of CIC’s initiative to incorporate various elements of human-centred disciplines towards tackling the current challenges of collaboration. Providing a toolkit and a process model creates an accessible design road  for students, academics, researchers and other stakeholders.  Our first tools and techniques are currently being piloted with students from the Health Faculty nursing program, and the Master of Data Science & Innovation (Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation).This research project is always looking for improvements so please feel free to reach out for updates and feedback on this post. You can read more about this initiative by going to our workshop website and the upcoming book chapter:

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