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Welcome Dr Alireza Ahadi, our new Postdoctoral Research Fellow!

We are delighted to announce that Dr Alireza Ahadi has joined CIC as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Welcome!

I completed my PhD degree in computer science education research with a focus on learning analytics in 2017 at University of Technology Sydney. The thesis titled Data Analytics and Novice Programmer was mainly formed around exploring data deriven approaches to exhaust the potential of data analytics in revealing learning patterns in novice programmer’s programming source-code snapshot data. During my PhD program, I explored a variety of different statistical models and supervised machine learning approaches to gauge students programming data to examine the possibility of predicting students who are likely to struggle in learning how to program at early stages of the semester.

I’ve always been interested in multi-disciplinary research as I believe research-lead technological constructs can help/lead problem solving in different dimensions. In different attempts, I explored the application of machine learning in various contexts including computational biology, micro-biology, and analysis of eye-movement of the student. At the moment, my work focused is more around information retrieval in a learning analytics context.

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