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Welcome Mahesh!

We are delighted to announce that Mahesh Jeshani has joined CIC as a UX/Front End Developer…Welcome!

I was born and grew up in Nairobi, Kenya. I have always been fascinated by all things digital; A hobby project that comes to mind is the sheer excitement I had, on successfully broadcasting a digital signal wirelessly using my own FM radio. At the age of 14 when I programmed Ping-Pong game on Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer where the storage medium was an audio cassette.

My solutions approach is to be rebel of sorts challenging conventions where I see gaps and opportunities to hack my way around rigid conventions. 

One interesting story was at my first job being the least experienced member of a development team that had professionally trained graduates with years of experience. The team were solving the problem using the waterfall approach as that is what they were trained to do. I did not have any formal training but I was problem-solving through a creative approach. I experimented trailing a much simpler and faster iterative approach using rapid application development with a focus on prototyping. This is today known as agile methodology which is delivering working software in short intervals of a few days rather than a few months. With this approach won the accolades of the managers and was soon appointed to head the development of the division without having any formal qualifications.

I will play the role of a bridge between UI UX and the engineering teams to translate the designs that deliver seamless experiences.  This involves lots of persistence, curiosity and a high attention to minute details. I am intrigued by the potential use of AI powered personal learning assistant (mentor) that assists in bridging knowledge gaps between current skills and future career aspirations.

I believe CIC provides an interesting opportunity to learn more about EdTech while gaining deep insights on the challenges faced with institutional change and adoption of digital transformations. I feel very privileged to call myself a Sydneysider. Having worked in many places in Sydney, I am impressed by the culture of innovations within CIC.

You can contact me via Mahesh.Jeshani@uts.edu.au if you have any burning question, I can assist with.