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Virtual Internships: Computer-supported role play simulations

Date: Thursday, 10th November 2016
Time: 11:00 AM
Location: CIC Ideation Studio, Building 22, Blackfriars Campus

The Connected Intelligence Centre (CIC) held a ‘Virtual Internships’ (VIs) on Thursday 10th November, 2016.

Given the strategic priority around delivering more authentic assessment and scaling up of internship-like experiences, CIC are working with various faculties and academics across UTS to explore an innovative, research-based way of running practice-oriented internship simulations.

Over a number of years, a team led by the University of Wisconsin Madison (UW-M) have been developing ‘virtual internships’ (VIs) – collaborative professional-practice oriented activities, conducted over ~15 hours, in classroom contexts, using technology to facilitate the process.

CIC have a strong collaboration with the research team behind this work and are keen to explore its potential for UTS as an exciting learning.futures innovation.

The VI offered three games:

  1. Land science – students assume the role of interns at a fictitious urban planning firm
  2. Nephrotex – students play the role of interns in a fictitious biomedical engineering design firm 
  3. Rescushell – students play the role of interns at a fictitious mechanical engineering design firm 

Following this piloting stage, CIC would like to develop new VI’s to be integrated into a UTS subject, or offered as an internship or ‘internship readiness activity’ to a targeted cohort.

The briefing on 10th November introduced the University of Wisconsin-Madison work and identified stakeholders who might want to pilot one of the existing 3 VIs, or others who might have short professional-practice activities that would lend themselves well to being translated into the VI environment.

See virtualinterns.org for general information, and evidence of its research basis from the UW-M Epistemic Games program.


Dr Simon Knight