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Welcome Dr Alireza Ahadi, our new Postdoctoral Research Fellow!

We are delighted to announce that Dr Alireza Ahadi has joined CIC as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Welcome! I completed my PhD degree in computer science education research with a focus on learning analytics in 2017 at University of Technology Sydney. The thesis titled Data Analytics and Novice Programmer was mainly formed around exploring data deriven approaches to exhaust the potential of data analytics in revealing learning patterns in novice programmer’s programming source-code snapshot d...
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CIC@LAK 2021: International Learning Analytics Conference

The International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge next week is the premier gathering in the field, with double-blind peer review of full papers, and the proceedings archived in the ACM Digital Library, the leading repository for peer reviewed research in the computing sciences. As usual, CIC will be very active this year, contributing to diverse events. Here’s your one-stop-shop to track down the team, who will welcome a chat with you about their work!... The pre-conference ...
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Automated feedback for Pharmacy students’ reflective writing: new evidence

New evidence of students' responses to receiving automated formative feedback on their reflective writing is now available. In a forthcoming paper from CIC's long-term collaboration with Cherie Lucas (School of Pharmacy, Graduate School of Health), the team reports that students who engaged with CIC's AcaWriter tool reported a range of benefits. Full-size colour figures not in the paper are also provided below. Cherie Lucas, Simon Buckingham Shum, Ming Liu & Mary Bebawy (In Press). Imple...
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Welcome Dr Lisa-Angelique Lim, our new Postdoctoral Research Fellow!

We are delighted to announce that Dr Lisa-Angelique Lim has joined CIC as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Welcome! I completed my PhD in education with a focus on learning analytics in early 2021, at the University of South Australia. My dissertation, entitled Examining the impact of feedback based on learning analytics from the perspective of self-regulated learning, explored how students made sense of automated feedback personalised to their own learning data. My dissertation also explored th...
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NEXUS blog: serving fresh, digestible insights for designing effective learning analytics

With the explosion in Learning Analytics as a research field and commercial market, it can be hard to find the gems, especially for time-poor educators and analytics designers. Nexus is a new blog, launched by the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR), conceived and co-edited by CIC's Simon Buckingham Shum, with Melanie Peffer from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Nexus is, as the name suggests, a meeting place to connect. Especially for time-poor educators and analytics designe...
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Visualization to support researchers’ professional learning

CIC has been working closely with UTS Research, to help develop the roadmap and requirements for future systems to support researcher capability development. “Learning” isn’t just what students do in degrees, it’s now a lifelong process, certainly for professionals, and increasingly for citizens simply to stay up to date with the pace of societal change. A key group of working professionals at any university is, of course, academic researchers, who have their own career trajectories and choices...
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Scaling up “Learning Power” for students and staff

How well do you cope with uncertainty and ambiguity? Do you need a language to think about your readiness? We’re scaling up support resources for the Learning Journeys tool. Previous stories have given updates on the Learning Journeys tool, deployed at UTS as part of the long term research program led by Ruth Crick on “learning dispositions”. As the CIC research project page explains:  “Learning Dispositions are attracting significant attention within educational research, and refer to the hab...
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Analytics for face-to-face learning

Despite the online revolution, many forms of learning require collocated, embodied expertise. CIC is at the forefront of techniques to provide automated feedback on collocated teamwork. While the pandemic has driven a lot of teaching online, certain forms of learning are impossible to replicate virtually. Hopefully, as we gradually return to campus, students and teachers will once again enjoy the unique energy and experience of being together, working as a team, and using our bodies as well as ...
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Expert input to government policy consultations

Governments are preparing for the impact of data, analytics and AI. Learn how CIC is contributing to current Australian and UK strategy consultations around the implications for societal learning. The British All Party Parliamentary Group on AI is a multi-year initiative to help anticipate the widespread impacts that AI could have on society. They convene Evidence Sessions on different themes, in which Lords and MPs have the opportunity to hear from, and question, diverse experts. CIC Director ...
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Building data and analytics literacy

CIC has created engaging online modules and runs regular workshops to help diverse learners get hands-on with data and analytics. Engaging online modules  Building data literacy is now one of the most important qualities in today’s degree programs, and the workplace. CIC has published several engaging, short modules that help learners get hands-on with analysing data, and thinking about the ethical dimensions. These modules, on UTS Open, are being used by the public for free, by UTS students a...
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