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CIC briefs ACOSS on AI’s implications for low-waged workers

The Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) is a national advocate for action to reduce poverty and inequality, and the peak body for the community services sector in Australia. Verity Firth, Director of the UTS Centre for Social Justice & Inclusion, convenes an Annual Policy Dialogue to support ACOSS and explore potential collaborations. CIC's Kirsty Kitto and Simon Buckingham Shum joined this year’s forum, briefing ACOSS on AI and its ethical dimensions, as they grapple with the impl...
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Supporting the UTS Academic Language & Literacy team

CIC is collaborating with the Academic Language and Literacy Team from IML and UTS International to support the development of academic literacy for UTS students. All commencing UTS students are required to undertake the OPELA (Online Post-Enrolment Language Assessment), or an in-class written diagnostic task. This test provides students with a rating of their academic language skills. Academic language skills are an essential foundation for learning and ongoing language development at universi...
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Designing human-centred analytics & AI for education

Post Ed Snowden, Cambridge Analytica, and myriad other widely covered data privacy breaches and examples of biased machine learning, citizens are rightly concerned about whether this emerging infrastructure will be used for good or ill. While education is a social good, it cannot of course, remain remote from this debate. CIC builds data-powered infrastructure, so this is core business for us. We're engaged locally, nationally and internationally, engaging audiences ranging from curious citizen...
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Are student evaluations of teaching the worst form of evaluation?

At the ALASI conference held at University of Wollongong on 29th November, Leonie Payne, Kirsty Kitto and Mike Pracy hosted a panel debate on the provocation “Student evaluations of teaching are the worst form of evaluation except for all of the others”. A lively debate ensued with the affirmative winning the contest convincingly. The post-debate discussions provided some thoughtful reflections on how the Learning Analytics community can make a valid contribution to policy discussions on the use...
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How do we integrate reflective writing analytics into UTS teaching?

The Australian Learning Analytics Summer Institute (ALASI) is the major forum in Australia for advancing discussion, knowledge and innovation in the domain of learning analytics. CIC Research Fellow Dr. Ming Liu co-chaired the Fifth Writing Analytics Workshop: Linking Reflective Writing Analytics to Learning Design, co-organized with UTS colleagues Sumati Ahuja (UTS Business School) and Rosalie Goldsmith (Academic Language and Learning, IML). This three-hour workshop brought together researchers...
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Learning Analytics & AI: Politics, Pedagogy and Practices

The concluding issue of the 50th Anniversary volume of the British Journal of Educational Technology has just been published, co-edited by CIC’s Director, Simon Buckingham Shum, along with Prof. Rose Luckin from UCL Knowledge Lab (read their Editorial overview). Kirsty Kitto and Simon Knight also contributed an article, focusing on the ethics of learning analytics systems. 11 contributions from leading research teams in Learning Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence in Education (LA/AIED), p...
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Harnessing Data Science to Protect Women’s Rights

When a woman is leading the country, do they pass more pro-women laws? Can we say that one country has a better law for women than another, when it comes to domestic violence, tax or some other piece of legislation? Until now, there was no way to answer such questions in a rigorous way. But Ramona Vijeyarasa (UTS Chancellor’s Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the Faculty of Law) found that CIC could help, and working with CIC Data Scientist Mike Pracy, has invented a new way to assess legislative...
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Data science to support UTS students’ English language development

UTS has a strong commitment to ensuring that academic English is at an acceptable standard for all students across all disciplines. In addition, a number of standards are required by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). These factors led to the establishment of an English Language Working Group (ELWG) to embed the raising of English language ability across the Institution. These factors led to the establishment of an English Language Working Group (ELWG), chaired by the ...
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CIC showcases at EduTECH Australia

CIC’s Director Simon Buckingham Shum was honoured to be invited to present at EduTECH Australia. With over 10,000 delegates, Simon shared the advanced feedback tools being used by UTS educators and students, emphasising the need to use technology to advance progressive teaching and learning. Replay his 20min talk and download his slides, which introduce the work of our final year doctoral researchers Shibani Antonette, Vanessa Echeverria and Carlos Prieto Alvarez: Simon hosted a series of rou...
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Piloting personalised feedback at scale with OnTask

The UTS 2027 strategy has a priority to develop a more personalised learning experience, and CIC is leading the way in developing and validating how analytics-powered tools advance this. In March, CIC hosted a workshop bringing together colleagues from across UTS and other institutions, to think deeply about the user experience of such systems. Check out the introductory video on one such system, OnTask, and replay the keynote address about ECoach from Holly Derry to see how University of Michig...
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