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Tools for threading WIL into your whole of course design: Careers Canvas modules and the TRACK-Learner tool | 12 October

Date: Tuesday, 12th October 2021
Time: 12:00 AM
Location: Zoom – further details provided upon registration

Hot Topic Theme: Work Integrated Learning and External Partnerships

UTS has a number of tools starting to emerge that can support course teams to help students think about their long term career goals and graduate employability:

  • The UTS Careers service has developed a set of Canvas Modules that can be embedded in a course to support students at various stages of their journey through UTS.
  • The TRACK suite of tools use labour market data to help students think about what their skills are, how they map to their career goals, and what subject choices might help them get closer to those goals.

But when considering WIL it is important to take a whole of course approach, and the two teams are working together to ensure that activities are well structured throughout a course and we don’t make our students do the same activity multiple times!

Come along to this hot topic, and find out what tools and support are available to you as you think about WIL based activities that can support your students throughout their course.

Guest Speakers

Kirsty Kitto is an Associate Professor in the Connected Intelligence Centre (UTS:CIC) where she uses Learning Analytics to support student learning. She leads the TRACK project, which is a UTS2027 strategic initiative project under our Personal Learning Experience priority.

Julieanne Cutrupi leads the UTS Careers team whose mission is to ensure every UTS student has career and life design integrated into their university experience. Aiming to achieve this mission through collaborative work with colleagues at CIC and the TRACK project.

What are Hot Topics?

The Teaching and Curriculum Team from IML invites you to participate in the explorations of Work Integrated Learning (WIL) and external partnerships, the final topic in the Hot Topics series.

Be part of the conversation and share with us how you use WIL as a vehicle to engage in public and private sector and community partnerships, design real-world relevant courses, develop public-good professionalism and strengthen graduate employability.

This event is facilitated by the Institute for Interactive Media and Learning (IML) Teaching and Curriculum (TAC) Team.Franziska Trede, Associate Professor, TACT, IML
Dimity Wehr, Curriculum Development Officer, TACT, IML

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