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Farewell Ming Liu

We bade a sad farewell today to Ming Liu, as amid the pressure COVID19 lockdown, he managed to catch a flight back to his home, family, and a faculty position in China. Ming specialised in Writing Analytics, supporting our long term R&D program for AcaWriter. In particular, he brought expertise in machine learning from reflecting writing texts, so as well as supporting academics in faculties to introduce AcaWriter to their students, he was also inventing next generation technology that will ...
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CIC Welcomes Ming Liu to the team

Ming Liu
We are delighted to announce that Dr Ming Liu has joined CIC as a Research Fellow in Text Analytics. His research interests include human language technologies in writing and reading and learning analytics especially using technology and data to enhance learning, engagement and collaboration. His research findings have appeared in IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, Journal of Internet and Higher Education, Educational Technology & Society, Intelligent Tutoring System and other respe...
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CIC@LAK22: thought leadership and hard evidence

CIC provides UTS with both thought leadership and hard evidence about Learning Analytics. So it’s no surprise that the team will present multiple times at the premier international forum next month... Universities risk implementing data/analytics strategies that make little impact on real practice, if they don’t work closely with the academics, tutors and students who are expected to use those new tools. This human-centred design approach is one of CIC’s hallmarks, so running through our work...
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CIC@LAK 2021: International Learning Analytics Conference

The International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge next week is the premier gathering in the field, with double-blind peer review of full papers, and the proceedings archived in the ACM Digital Library, the leading repository for peer reviewed research in the computing sciences. As usual, CIC will be very active this year, contributing to diverse events. Here’s your one-stop-shop to track down the team, who will welcome a chat with you about their work!... The pre-conference ...
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Automated feedback for Pharmacy students’ reflective writing: new evidence

New evidence of students' responses to receiving automated formative feedback on their reflective writing is now available. In a forthcoming paper from CIC's long-term collaboration with Cherie Lucas (School of Pharmacy, Graduate School of Health), the team reports that students who engaged with CIC's AcaWriter tool reported a range of benefits. Full-size colour figures not in the paper are also provided below. Cherie Lucas, Simon Buckingham Shum, Ming Liu & Mary Bebawy (In Press). Imple...
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An introduction to Writing Analytics and the design of automated feedback

The workshop introduces educators and researchers to the affordances of writing analytics and automated writing feedback tools for students. Organiser: Antonette Shibani, Ming Liu, Simon Buckingham Shum - UTS Register through Eventbrite About this Event Writing Analytics is a subfield of Learning Analytics that focuses on the challenges learners face in writing. It uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning technologies to analyse texts, and can be used to provide ...
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CIC @ ALASI 2018

CIC is making major contributions to training the next generation of Learning Analytics researchers and practitioners. At the forthcoming Australian Learning Analytics Summer Institute, the team is helping to run five sessions. Register now! Innovating learning analytics for sustainable impact Simon Buckingham Shum, Cassandra Colvin, Shane Dawson, Danny Liu, Pablo Munguia and Yi-Shan Tsai Using Canvas data for learning analytics! Kirsty Kitto, Amelia Brennan, Danny Liu, Travis Cox and Steve Le...
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ALASI2019: The Fifth Writing Analytics Workshop: Linking Reflective Writing Analytics to Learning Design

Ming Liu1, Rosalie Goldsmith2,Sumati Ahuja3, Xiaodi Huang4 Abstract Reflective writing is a fundamental learning activity across learning contexts. With the recent advancement of natural language processing techniques, text analytics are able to identify salient textual features of students’ written assignments, such as academic reflective essays and reflective statements, and generate actionable feedback. However, how to best use reflective writing analytics tools, such as AcaWriter, in d...
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ALASI2019: Learning Analytics Growing Pains – Sociotechnical Infrastructure Changes as LA Tools Mature

Get your ticket here. Simon Buckingham Shum1, Antonette Shibani2 Abstract As Learning Analytics tools mature, there are often ‘growing pains’ in how the infrastructure adapts to the social and technical requirements of scaling up. Across institutions in Australia, there is increasing work being done in this transitional space, including moving from prototypes to products, institutional adoption of LA, engaging stakeholders, organisational leadership, long term impact, and invisible work i...
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Ensuring automated feedback is pedagogically sound (DAFFI 2020)

We all know that feedback is critical for learning — and we all appreciate how demanding this can be for educators to provide, to many students, in a consistently motivating, and detailed way. This is a challenge studied by educational researchers of feedback design and feedback literacy.   Designing Automated Feedback for Impact brought some of the leading researchers in this field into a 2-day dialogue with researchers developing automated-feedback tools using Learning Analytics/AI.  The or...
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